Most Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What kind of guitar should my child have?
A. If you haven't already bought a guitar and are looking for one a half
sized nylon string acoustic guitar is great for children 3-8yrs old. The
nylon strings (as opposed to steel strings) will feel better on their
fingers making it easier for the kids to play longer. There are some
good ones online (you can google
Children's Half Sized Nylon String
guitar) and at some area music stores

Q. My child really enjoys the game “Guitar Hero”. Does that mean he or
she should have guitar lessons?
A. Guitar Hero is a fun video game but has very little to do with actually
playing a guitar! The guitar is a musical instrument. It takes dedication
and hours of practice to play the songs featured on "Guitar Hero". That
does not mean that you can’t become a really good guitar player and
still enjoy “Guitar Hero”, “Super Mario” or any other video game but the
two have very little to do with each other.

Q. I see that the session has already started. Can I still join mid session?
A. Yes, as long as there is room in the class. Individual lessons can
start at any time.

Q. Can I take classes with my child?
A. Yes!! Moms and Dads, dust off that guitar you got as a present years
ago, slap on some strings (I can help with the strings) and learn how to
play with your child!! We have parents take classes with their children
all the time and it works great. The parents have a better sense of what
the kids are working on and practicing at home together leads to
playing together.

Q. How much should my child practice?
A. 5-10 minutes a night either strumming along to a Cd or going over
what we do in class is fine. 8yrs and older 20-30 minutes a night is fine!
Remember, if they want to play they'll do more on their own.
I'd rather have them play 5-10minutes each night than play an hour the
night before class.
Kids and Adult Guitar Classes and Lessons
(sign up below for 3-5 and 6-7yr guitar classes this
Fall in Wilmington & Fairville Friends School)

A Fun introduction to the guitar for Kids of all ages. Guitar Kids
classes will run 5-8 weeks, each class being 30 minutes long.
Classes will be split up into groups of no more than 6 children.
Rockin’ Guitar Kids will be children from 3-5yrs or older
Rollin’ Guitar Kids will be 6-7yrs or younger advanced players,
Classes will be designed to transition students from the guitar as
a toy to a musical instrument, keeping their interest and
enthusiasm at the same time. They’ll strum along with their
teacher to open and close the class, work on posture, holding the
pick, very basic guitar theory and introduction to accessories and

Ages 8 and above will be taught individually or in groups of two
(these lessons will be half an hour) and usually run for 10 weeks.
Put the “GUITAR” back in “Guitar Hero”!!  Get them closer to the
stage with a class that let’s them play as well as Learn.

Children can be dropped off and picked up or parents and siblings
are welcomed to stay. (Parents are encouraged to stay for the 3-
6yr class)
Children must bring their own guitar and pick.

We are also booking lessons for older children and
adults on Mon. Tues. and Wed. afternoons in Wilm.
(these lessons are separate from the group classes below and can
be started anytime)
Call 610-490-0695 to book. Fees are 300.00 for 10
weeks plus 30.00 for books or 400.00 for two
(siblings or parent child combo) + 30.00 for Books.
Lesson Policies
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18 months ago when my
daughter turned
six, we started taking guitar
lessons together with Bill.  I
had no background in music,
so we were both starting
from scratch. We have
learned to read music and
play notes and chords. We
started with Twinkle Twinkle
and now we're dabbling in
Taylor Swift.  We work on
duets together as well as
working at our own pace. My
daughter has advanced more
quickly than I. Taking lessons
together has been really
special. We learn about
guitar, music theory and
each other.
Laura and Quinn
Colleen, a mother of
two from Wilmington,
DE, knew she had
found the right activity
for her 5-year old son
Shane, when he asked
continuously about his
next guitar class. “He
would repeat over and
over, ‘I can’t wait to go
to guitar,’” she reports.
Although people
advised her that her
son was too young to
learn guitar, lessons at
We Kids Rock kept him
engaged and
Suzanne Koup-Larsen
Metro Kids Article
Monday @ 5:00-5:30pm in Wilm.
3-5yr Rockin guitar class!
8 Weeks Starting on Jan. 22
180.00 for one child w/discount
295.00 for 2 w/discount
Sign up One
Enter Child's Name/age
Sign up Two
Child's Names/ages
Tuesday @ 5:00-5:30pm in Wilm.
6-7yr Rollin' guitar class!
8 Weeks Starting on Jan. 23
180.00 for one child w/discount
295.00 for 2 w/discount
Child's Names/ages
Child's Names/ages
Friday @ 12:30-1:00pm
3-5yr Rockin' guitar class!
Fairville Friends School
5 Weeks Starting on Feb. 2
(no class on Feb. 9)
125.00 for 5 weeks
10.00 discount for Fairville Families
call 610-490-0695 to sign up
with the discount
Enter Child's Names/ages
Saturday @ 11:30am in Wilm.
8 Weeks, Starts on Jan. 13
3-5yr Rockin' Guitar Class
180.00 for 1 child w/discount
295.00 for 2 w/discount
Sold Out
Child's Names/ages
Child's Names/ages
Saturday @ noon in Wilm.
8 Weeks, Starts on Jan. 13
3-5 Yr Rockin' Guitar Class
180.00 for 1 child w/discount
295.00 for 2 w/discount
Child's Names/ages
Child's Names/ages