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1.Down By The Bay
2.There's A Train...
3. Me Mother Caught A
4. Puff The Magic
5. I'd Love To Be A
6. Popcorn
7. Ratty Tat Tat
8. On Top Of Spaghetti
9. Laugh Laugh
10. Wake Up Hands
11. Marie's Wedding
12. Beehive
14. Wheels On The Bus
15. At The Race Track
16. Appalachian Melody
17. This Little Light Of
How Many
1. Let The Sun shine
Little Red Caboose
3. Dinosaur
4. Head, Sholders,
Knees and Toes
5. Five Sea Creatures
6. Island Beat
7. I've Got Rhythm
8. Clean Up Your Toys
9. I'll Be Here With You
10. Good Day/If You're
Happy And You Know It
11. Iko Iko
12. C'mon Let's Make A
13. Gonk Gonk/The
Froggy Love Song
14. Drummin'
15. Surf Dinosaur
16. Somewhere Over
The Rainbow
17. This Little Light Of
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How Many
1. Everybody Clap Your Hands
2. Choo Choo Train
3. I've Been Working On The
4. Aiken Drum
5. Socks And Shoes
6. Three Little Monkeys
7. Monkey See, Monkey Do
8. One Green Bottle
Looby Loo
10. Tap Tap
11. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
12. Clap When The Spirit Says
13. Shake
14. My Echo
15. Ten Little Cowboys
16. Pony Boy
17. I'm A Nut
18. Take Me Out To The
19. Peek a Boo
20. Let's Dance
21. This Little light Of Mine
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How Many
Our CD "Let The Sun Shine"
2008 NAPPA  Award Winner
View Press Release
1. Stink Bug
2. Monkey See,
Monkey Do
3. There's A Train...
4. Dinosaur Dance
5. I'd love To Be A

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Between January 2007 and June 2016 We Kids Rock has released six CDs “Everybody
Clap Your Hands” in 2007,“Let The Sun Shine” in ’08 , “There’s A Train…” in April of ’09
and "5 Songs About Stink Bugs..." in 2011. 2014 under "Bill Currier and the We Kids Rock
Band" WKR released it's 5th CD, "Old Macdonald Family Band".
2016, We Kids Rock's 4
song EP featuring classroom favorite "Don't Touch The Guitar"
All six CDs feature catchy
originals as well as traditional favorites in the style of early Rock ’n’ Roll, Rhythm & Blues,
Punk, Ska and Country. Guest musicians include Johnny Neel (Allman Brothers, Johnny
Neel Band), Skip Dennenberg (“Havin’ A Ball”, released by The Philadelphia Phillies), Hank
Carter (George Thorogood Band), Simon Illa (R&B Producer), Ed Russakoff (The Rustics),
Nik Everett (acclaimed singer songwriter), Wally Smith (Quincy, Crosstown Traffic) and
Marc Moss (production credits include David Bromberg,
Angel Band & Cliff Hillis).
In 2008 “Let the Sun Shine” won a NAPPA Honors award for Children’s Audio.
"There's A Train", 2009 winner of NAPPA Gold and
Parent's Choice Awards.
"Old MacDonald Family Band" 2014 winner of a Parents' Choice Award!
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Review of "There's A Train"
Great kid sensibility in this
pleasing mixture of
originals and re-voiced
classics. Can’t say enough
about Currier’s smoky
vocals, the rocking
arrangements and the
seamless mix and pacing of
this outstanding collection.
John Wood, Kidzmusic.com
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Let The Sun Shine, There's A Train +
Old Macdonald Family Band!
1. Old MacDonald Family Band
2. My Doggie Goes...
3. Apples and Bananas
4. Stink Bug
5. Star Spangled Melody
6. Let's Go
7. Shoo Fly With Shaker Eggs
8. Five Little Pumpkins
9. Autumn Leaves
10. Six Little Ducks
11. This Little Light of Mine

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1.Don't Touch The
2. Little Wheel
3. ABCs, ZYXs
4. At The Racetrack